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Stage by stage building inspections

Building a new home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. To ensure your investment is protected throughout the building phase, engaging an Independent Building Inspector from MPPPI to carry out stage by stage Inspections!  MPPPI can inspect all stages of your build, or specific stages at your request. 

  • Base
  • Frame
  • Lock up
  • Fixing
  • Pre Handover

Stage by Stage Inspections are designed to ensure the workmanship of your new home complies to the Building Commissions Standards and Tolerances, and the Building Code of Australia throughout the construction. An MPPPI Stage Inspection will alert you to any defects in order for these items to be rectified by your Builder prior to stage payments.

MPPPI will provide you with a comprehensive report containing digital photographs at each build stage in order for defects to be easily rectified by your Builder.