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home owner Pre-sale BUILDING & TIMBER PEST Inspection

Thinking of selling?

When was the last time you conducted a Building & Timber Pest Inspection?

Avoid hidden surprises by having an MPPPI Pre Sale Building & Timber Pest Inspection so you know the health of your home before you go to market. An MPPPI combined Building & Timber Pest Inspection will provide you with 2 comprehensive reports, Building & Timber Pest, complete with digital photographs detailing any concerns or defects and cost estimations of repairs.

Home inspections are a popular and worthwhile option, so why wait until your buyer's inspector finds a problem? 

An MPPPI Pre-Listing Home Inspection provides powerful benefits:

  • There's no waiting for a potential buyer to order a home inspection
  • You'll impress buyers with proof of your home's condition inside and out
  • Correct problems and eliminate last-minute repair hassles that could delay the sale
  • Decrease the chances of unknown problems that can cause your sale to fall through