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If you are planning to carry out an extension or renovation of your home whether large or small, an MPPPI Building Consultant will be able to advise you if the ideas you have are viable and within your budget before you make a financial commitment.

An MPPPI Building Consultant is non biased, therefore you can rest assured that the advice you are given is for your benefit only as we do not profit from carrying out building works. MPPPI can tailor a Building Advice Inspections specific to your requirements.

Building Advice Inspections we can perform for you may include the following:

• Removal of internal walls – which walls are load bearing?
• Movement to internal / external walls – what is the cause?
• Large trees in close proximity to the dwelling – are they causing foundation problems?
• Concerns with rising damp – what can be done?
• Timber stumps – do they require replacing now or if not when?
• Subfloor concerns due to dampness/insufficient drainage

For further information about Building Advice Inspections, call one of our friendly Consultants today to discuss your requirements.